Justin C McIntosh
Painting | Sculpture | Gilding

A study in Nocheztli, 2015, Gesso, egg emulsion, natural pigments, bole, gold, 6x6", Original artist unknown, this image comes from the Borgia Codex (c.1500)
The Archangel Michael and Gabriel, 2013-2014, Gesso, natural pigments, bole, gold, 9.5"x12", Two Icons painted in the Byzantine-Russian style under master Iconographer Vladislav Andrejev.
Nocheztli - Making Cochineal Lake Pigment, A demonstration video of my process of laking Cochineal dye to make Carmine Lake pigment.

Work creatively to explore the root and interconnectedness of material and immaterial things.

Studio Address:  204 Erie St.
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Phone: 206-579-0601
Email:  just1pin@gmail.com
Web: justincmcintosh.com