Judith Motzkin
Mixed Media | Sculpture | Ceramics

Winter Vessel, 2013, clay and fire, 10x12". Burnished saggar-fired wheel thrown.
Motzkin BreadPot, 2014, stoneware, 12 x 7. BreadPot for baking no-knead bread
Passage, 2000, Assemblage box with painting. Wood, clay, plaster, oils, 14 x14 x 4"

I make ritual vessels, sculptural installation works, mixed media assemblage, and BreadPots for no knead bread and other stuff. I am inspired by change, fire, earth, fluvial processes, fractals, love.

Artist demos at 2PM & 4PM each day.

Studio Address:  Tufts Street Studio, 7 Tufts Street
Accessible: Partially
Phone: 617-547-5513
Email:  judy@motzkin.com