E.J. Barnes
Watercolor | Drawing | Comics

"Count" Cagliostro after Houdon (1786) (detail), 2014, Watercolor and gouache, 4.5"x6.5"
Elisa von der Recke after Darbes (1784), 2014, Watercolor and gouache, 4.5"x6.5"
Penciled page #3 of 6 for comic short "Hams", on amateur radio operators. Published 2014 in comics anthology _SubCultures_.

I create comics, cartoons, illustrations, and animation in ink, watercolor, scratchboard, gouache, and colored pencil.  My comics have appeared in regional and national anthologies, and my self-published books appear under Drowned Town Press.

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Studio Address: Drowned Town Press, 18 Chalk Street
Accessible: No
Website: ejbarnes.com or www.drownedtownpress.com